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How to get a NIE number in Spain?

Getting a NIE number can quickly be complicated, annoying and nerve-wracking, at least it was in my experience. There isn’t enough information about how to obtain one online, and I know I really needed it when I wanted to get mine. The process can be a bit lengthy and complicated (or not, it really depends on your circumstances and luck), but I’m sure it’ll be … Continúa leyendo How to get a NIE number in Spain?


Becoming Spanish Over the Holidays

This blog post is about the thoughts that occurred in the mind of a Slovenian girl whilst being immersed into the Spanish world for New Year’s Eve, the Three Kings and everything in between. I’ve been to Valencia many times but never during the holiday period. The holidays in Spain begin before Christmas and end on 7th January. I only arrived in Valencia on 29th … Continúa leyendo Becoming Spanish Over the Holidays

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Long Distance Relationships

My experience, thoughts and advice I remember googling » long-distance relationship« when I first got into one. We all search for answers on the internet in this century, so I’m writing this hoping someone might benefit from mine. It feels weird to write about it because it’s not some city about which I can make a list of pros and cons. It’s something very personal, … Continúa leyendo Long Distance Relationships

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Barcelona: Love, Like, Dislike

I expected two things from Barcelona: for it to be beautiful and crammed with tourists. Before our trip, my mom kept sending me pictures of gorgeous mosaics we absolutely had to see. A friend of mine, on the other hand, told me to enjoy »the amusement park«. All our expectations turned out to be facts. Barcelona is a truly beautiful city, but the number of … Continúa leyendo Barcelona: Love, Like, Dislike


The Pros and Cons of Living in Valencia

Valencia: pros and cons (well, sort of) This is not a classic 5 pros and 5 cons of living here because I generally love it and don’t really feel like trying to come up with bad stuff just for the sake of balance. I’m not here as a tourist, but it’s not like I’ve lived here for years either; I’ve been in Valencia for a month … Continúa leyendo The Pros and Cons of Living in Valencia