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Living Abroad and Disliking it: Traineeship in Luxembourg

If you know me at all, you’ll know that I’ve always loved travelling and have loved living abroad ever since my Erasmus exchange in London. In the years that followed my ten-month exchange there, I lived in Valencia and Moscow for shorter periods and loved every minute of it. Last year, I was accepted for a traineeship in Luxembourg and decided to rent a room … Continúa leyendo Living Abroad and Disliking it: Traineeship in Luxembourg


University: Slovenia vs. England

In other words: Ljubljana vs. London or the Faculty of Arts vs. Middlesex University, or to be even more accurate, normal studies vs. an Erasmus exchange. I had been thinking about studying abroad in my last years of high school, but I was too young. Living in a foreign country seemed like a scary thing at the time. Then I learned all about Erasmus in … Continúa leyendo University: Slovenia vs. England

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My Erasmus Exchange and Internship

Exchange in London I’m writing this during my second Erasmus experience: an internship in Valencia this time. The fact that I’m here is a direct consequence of the year I spent in London; I came to Spain to be with a guy I met on my previous exchange in England. I met a whole bunch of cool people from various parts of the world in … Continúa leyendo My Erasmus Exchange and Internship


The Pros and Cons of Living in Valencia

Valencia: pros and cons (well, sort of) This is not a classic 5 pros and 5 cons of living here because I generally love it and don’t really feel like trying to come up with bad stuff just for the sake of balance. I’m not here as a tourist, but it’s not like I’ve lived here for years either; I’ve been in Valencia for a month … Continúa leyendo The Pros and Cons of Living in Valencia