The Pros and Cons of Living in Valencia

Valencia: pros and cons (well, sort of)

This is not a classic 5 pros and 5 cons of living here because I generally love it and don’t really feel like trying to come up with bad stuff just for the sake of balance. I’m not here as a tourist, but it’s not like I’ve lived here for years either; I’ve been in Valencia for a month and a half as an Erasmus intern, and I’ve got a month left. I’ve also travelled here many times before, including for Fallas, because there’s a guy here whom I like to see every now and then. So, let’s get into it.


Pros first, of course

1. The people

This can probably be said for Spanish people in general, it’s just that I don’t know anyone who isn’t from the Valencian Community. They are just…nice. They are open, funny, loud, and no matter how bad their English or your Spanish is, you’ll be able to communicate somehow, and they’ll encourage your attempts to speak Spanish, however feeble they might be.

2. The way of life

Siesta, late dinners, spontaneous drinks, and the fact that they always find time for relaxing and don’t feel bad about it. We all need more of that.

3. The weather

Yes, it can get too hot in the summer, but in general, it’s pretty great. It doesn’t rain often, it doesn’t snow, the sky is almost never miserably grey, and the wind feels good, especially in the summer heat, and isn’t annoying at all. There’s no real winter; if you come here in February, it feels like spring does in Slovenia, where I come from.

4. The sea

This is a personal one; I just happen to feel like coastal cities are far superior to inland cities and that London is the only exception. The beach in Valencia is nice, sandy, long and good for hanging out. The colour of the sea isn’t crystal clear or anything, but it only takes an hour or two by car and you get to the classical beautiful beaches to the South of Valencia; to places like Gandía and Jávea.

5. The size of the city

Valencia’s population doesn’t reach 800 thousand, and there are almost no individual houses in the city; everyone lives in blocks. This makes it quite easy to move around because nothing’s ever very far. You also have lots of transport to choose from: Valenbisi, the tube, buses and the tram.

6. Events and cool places

Valencia might not be as big as Barcelona or Madrid, but there’s still plenty going on. Clubs, bars, concerts, cool restaurants, outdoor cinemas, beach bars, festivals. It’s hard to get bored here.

7. Fallas

The most famous, bizarre and crazy event in the city. It takes place in March and it involves huge beautiful painted sculptures (that are burned in the end), lots of fireworks (during the day too for whatever reason), a lot of noise, street food and huge crowds of people. It’s a bit insane and can be overwhelming, but it sure as hell is something worth seeing.

8. Jardín del Turia

What used to be the Turia river is now an enormous park that divides the city; it’s long and wide and it’s also where the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias is situated. It’s a place for walking, doing all kinds of sports and having picnics. Most of all, it’s a place that makes you forget you’re in a city, while it’s at the same time impossible to not remember it.

9. Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

There are locals who hate it because it cost much more than it was initially supposed to, but it’s undeniable that it’s really something to see. The combination of white buildings, blue pools and the scorching sun makes it look pleasantly alien.

10. The old centre

Cool architecture, a huge Central Market full of fresh fruit and veggies and many pretty bars and restaurants. Slightly touristy, but not really in a bad way.

Plaza de Ayuntamiento
Plaza de Ayuntamiento


1. Fucking cockroaches

Yes, I’m generally an animal lover, but I just can’t stand cockroaches, especially the Valencian kind. They are huge, and it’s common to meet the bastards on the street at night (or in your kitchen). It’s not like that’s only typical here, but I have never lived in any place this warm and humid for that long before.

2. Not moving at all and sweating like a pig.

Sweating in the middle of the night. Sweating in the shadow. Sweating when you’re not moving at all. I like warm weather, but some summer days are just too hot.

3. Rare tubes, people being extremely late, and just the general slowness of life.

Sometimes being forced not to rush is wonderful, but not when you’re in a hurry, and not if you’re a very punctual person.

Playa de la Patacona
Playa de la Patacona

Final thoughts

All in all, I love it. I love it how I’m just a fifteen-minute bike/bus/tube ride or a half an hour walk away from the centre or the beach. And how I can go running to the »river« every day if I feel like it (Valencia is a city of runners as it seems, there are many, and it kind of gives you motivation). I love it how there’s always some exotic restaurant I’ve never heard of before, how much people are into meeting and talking and how warm the nights are.

I’d just stay, and I’m already dreading the cold autumn and winter I’ll be forced to spend in Ljubljana. But once I graduate, who knows, I might come back here, even though London still sort of has my heart, and I feel like we’re not done yet. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read my first blog post!

11 comentarios en “The Pros and Cons of Living in Valencia

  1. Nice article but …..there is always but 😉 I have been here in Valencia for some time and in the first 3 con places, I would have dogs and what follows them (barking, urine and shit). Valencianos are obsessed with dogs and as you rightly pointed out they live in blocks and it is very little rain here. You can imagine if there are 20 apartments in one stairway and big part of the inhabitants has dog, and one block is maybe 5 or 10 starways. That are many dogs and owners have no place (dog parks) to take them, except for the street. The barrios basically smell dog urine during the summer. Rivers of dog urine from light poles and house corners, dog shit on the pavements and for the last and not least, nobody seems to care if there are barking dogs on balconies at 2 am or 6 in the morning. Valencianos are very nice ppl and the city is very beautiful, but they are totally blind when it comes to the problems this dog plague cause.

    Me gusta

    1. Hi, yes, I have heard many people complain about that! Not only when it comes to Valencia but also about other Spanish cities. And I must agree that some streets do smell a bit like dog piss, and you have to be careful when walking on grass. But to be honest, I’m much more worried about the cockroaches! hahahhahaha

      Me gusta

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